Sep 1, 2010

The Hebrew AlephBet

The Ancient Hebrews believed that the Hebrew AlephBet were the building blocks of creation. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, five of which use different forms at the end of a word. Hebrew is written from right to left. Originally, the alphabet was an abjad consisting only of consonants. Gen. 1:1 reads Beresheet Bara Elohim Eth HaShamayim VeEth HaArets. The beginning letter of Beresheet is Beth. And from this letter God speaks. Beth represents the Son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. And it is through the Son that the speech and mind of God is communicated. It is by wisdom that the manner of God's revelation is unveiled. To read the scripture in Hebrew is to literally step into the mind of God and the world in which the Bible was conceived. The script presented here is the "Ketab Merubba" or more commonly called the "Square script" which was adopted by the Hebrew Israelites during the Bablyonian exile, circa 6th century BC. This is the Hebrew alphabet I have learned and currently read. The Hebrew ultimately unlocks Christ. I cannot comprehend how anyone can study this awesome language and not see the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah and King of Israel. As I have studied the Hebrew, going on a year now, my affection for the Most High grows and my connection to my Hebrew heritage strengthens. All Praises to the Most High in His Son Jesus Christ.

This is the Paleo-Script. The earliest written language (according to modern scholars) is the Proto-Sinaitic script, which the Biblical Hebrew language directly descends from. Over time, Proto-Sinaitic became the Phoenician Script also known as "Paleo Hebrew." The Paleo Hebrew Script is the script the Torah was originally written in, and Paleo Hebrew is the ancient language the Israelites spoke in Bible times. Here is what the Paleo Hebrew Script looked like (and the Hebrew Alphabet the ancient Hebrews would have known). Some call it the "Lahashawan Qadesh," literally, "The Holy Tongue." This is the Hebrew I also want to learn and master, as I am attempting with the Square Script.

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